Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘We’re all so skilled at discerning how we’re different, but we don’t know enough yet about how we’re all the same.’ (Deep Hope) I have been finding this book full of pithy and uplifting aphorisms such as this one, and I know I will return to it often.

Corey Ichigen Hess

‘One great thing absorbed from Zen training in the monastery is the ability to transparently become what is happening right now. Not the idea of what is happening. But to meet what is happening and merge with it. In this merging with what is happening, it is as if our body in space dissolves into […]

Giving Thanks For The Rain

The weather was just about perfect for the roam on Sunday, with clear skies and warm sun. There was a sense, sitting on Bernal Heights looking down over the city, that this was the last of the fine weather that has characterised the last couple of months in San Francisco. Out of the sun the […]

Issho Fujita

‘In sense perception psychology, it is taught that the scope of what we can perceive is quite limited. For example, people are able to perceive sounds anywhere between a vibration frequency of 20 per second on the low end to 20,000 vibrations per second on the high end. We are not able to perceive sound […]


‘Don’t you see how Master Te-shan used to haul out his staff the moment he saw monks enter his gate, and chase them out? When Master Mu-chou saw monks come through his gate, he would say, “The issue is at hand; I ought to give you a thrashing!” How about the rest? The general run […]


The Way of the Ancestors coming from the West I transmit to the East. Yearning for the ancient ways, Catching the moon, cultivating the clouds, Untouched by worldly dust fluttering about— Thatched hut, snowy evening, deep mountain.

Of The World

My post yesterday prompted a correspondent to ask, ‘What is going on (actually)? Do you have some verbal answer?’ I suggested in reply that they go and look out of the window. I received in return a description of things seen and things felt: ‘a very “mundane” verbal description of an experience – and yet, […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘Anyway we should listen to the birds singing; listen to the insects singing; if you are aware of your exhaling and inhaling (where the inhaling come from, where your exhaling goes) if you feel the heart beat one after another, then you will understand what is going on in this world actually.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi […]

Dale S. Wright

‘When we act with kindness, we do something incremental to our character – we shape ourselves slightly further into a person who understands how to act with kindness, is inclined to do so, and does so with increasing ease. We etch that way of behaving just a little more firmly into our character, into who […]