Ram Dass

‘Consciousness = energy = love = awareness = light = wisdom = beauty = truth = purity. It’s all the SAME. Any trip you want to take leads to the SAME place.’

Reading about the death of Ram Dass recently, I had a feeling of how entirely specific the moment was when that generation moved to eastern spirituality via psychedelics – that generational breaking open, from past views (which I imagine were dominated by the second world war, the holocaust and the aftermath of both), to new possibilities.

It seems that my generation, and those following, are comfortable swimming in this now familiar environment; obviously my population sample is pretty slanted, but meditation is a part of the mainstream, and these days several of my friends micro-dose as part of their sense of wellness and self-care.

And, I trust that the wisdom we have been bequeathed is essential to the human experience, and that by making skilful use of this, now that we have better access to it, there is still the possibility of making the world a less venal and cruel place.

I didn’t have any connection to Ram Dass beyond his name being a part of that generational story. Nevertheless, reading the above quote made me catch my breath for a moment. For a different view of all this, here is Brad Warner’s take.

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