The Growing Days

It was one of the people who came to volunteer in the Zen Center kitchen when I was tenzo who really got me to notice the asymmetric qualities of daylight after the winter solstice – and now I can’t unsee it. The afternoons get longer before the mornings do, although now that we are closer to the solstice than the equinox, things are really starting to ramp up. This week, going to the early morning sessions at Core Studio, for the first time there were glimmers of dawn as I rode down Market St, as well as Mars adjacent to the waning moon.

Even though I am only going over to the East Bay twice a week now, it is the time of year when I set off for home able to see the deep golden glow of the sunset behind San Francisco. I expect more rain will come – we certainly need it – but for now I am relishing the steady sunshine and midday warmth.

The roam last weekend took in not just the magnolias, which were certainly a draw in the Botanical Garden, but also camellias, and a whole scene of poppies by the Conservatory of Flowers. Blossoms are appearing on trees around the city, and the jasmine in our yard is flowering. Apart from scheduling the roam, I used the time that I was gifted from various things I had on my calendar not happening by taking on some spring cleaning and other tasks that made me feel productive and happy. With one eye on my trip to England next month, I feel deeply settled and flourishing in my life here, and that feels good.



IMG_2507.jpgBlooms in Golden Gate Park last weekend.

DSCF2300.jpgBlossoms in the city.

IMG_2543.jpgBlossoms under the freeway in Oakland.

IMG_2421.jpgLooking over towards the city as I catch the train home.

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