Sitting And Breathing

The rain passed through the city over the weekend, as it did a couple of weekends ago, as the slowdown was starting. That, of course, seems a long time ago.

Most days, I feel like I end up spending too much time sitting down. I am sure this was true of my life hitherto, but it seems more evident when we are not moving from place to place during the day. I remember the man who used to walk up and down Oxford Street decades ago, with his placard urging less sitting (along with less protein); and of the quote I stored from Hui-neng: ‘sitting all the time constricts the body.’

And so I try to go out – riding or walking. Doing so, I found that any strong effort brought about a recurrence of the feeling of congestion and weakness in my lungs, something that has been lingering through the month. Happily, a long sleep on Saturday, and a gentle ride on Sunday once the rain had moved on left me feeling a little better, though I am still wary – and things being how they are, do not expect to be able to find out what it is that I have.

Still, sitting and breathing is what we do. This week I will be offering much the same as before in terms of teaching and encouragement, in the continued hope that it helps people:

Zachary and I will be hosting a sitting on Zoom, Monday lunchtime – details are here.

I will be live on Instagram with Core Studio on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, 8am. It is open to everyone, you don’t need the Core trainer, but, should you be tempted, you can get one with a discount using the code SITWITHSHUNDO, which as these things do, benefits you, me and them.

And if you want to take to the streets in a socially responsible way, I have now posted routes for three roams, which you can find here, here, and here.

The best article I have read in recent days was another piece in the New Yorker on the traits of the virus. Definitely not fake news. And I finished the Hilary Mantel, so am now trying to decide what to occupy myself reading next.

60695602151__DC0EBA71-FC2B-404B-9811-ADDEC3C3929D.jpgDark clouds appeared on Thursday afternoon.

IMG_3173.jpgOut to get food as the rain headed north on Saturday afternoon.

IMG_3179.jpgIt’s that ship again – still moored in the Bay. Seen from Heron’s Head on Sunday after the rain had gone.

IMG_3186.jpgIslais Creek as it re-emerges before flowing into the bay; Twin Peaks and the Sutro tower behind the freeways.

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