Jill Bialosky

The Yoga teacher says we are all unique, like snowflakes, each its own composition of frozen water, complex bodies made up of elements necessary for sustaining life: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine & magnesium. If we focus on our breath, our control shifts from the brain stem to the cerebral […]

Norman Fischer

‘Bowing is an ancient form for showing reverence and respect. In our culture we have the handshake. Maybe it is more intimate than a bow because we touch one another, warm hand to warm hand. But they say that the origin of the handshake is suspicion and wariness. The handshake is a gesture of peace […]


‘In the study hall, do not keep things such as bows and arrows, spears and clubs, swords, or helmets and armor. Generally do not keep any military equipment. If someone stores short swords and the like, they must be expelled from the temple right away. Implements that violate prohibitions should never be brought into the […]


‘Our hearts and minds have grown accustomed to a paradigm in which one human being has control over another. This is our default, and it has infected all parts of our psyche. In Buddhism, through meditation and other transformative practices, we aspire to know states of heart–mind that Buddha (the human being) embodied. These states […]

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘From the vast fundamental wholeness of everything, we are each endowed with the capacity to meet life as it is.’ (Deep Hope) And, often we doubt our own capacity to do this, but the past months have shown how we can – in this case, we didn’t have much choice.

The Heart Of Spring

The other day, I realised that I couldn’t remember the last time I got in a car – certainly not since we started sheltering-in-place. I often say, when I am at Tassajara or Wilbur, that slowing down to human speed is deeply restful. And my body seems to have settled into that pace. That said, […]

Issho Fujita

‘To give zazen instruction, we often say, “straighten your back,” “keep your eyes half-open, half-closed” to regulate the body, “make your out- breath long,” “do abdominal breathing” to regulate breath, and “do not think anything,” “focus your attention on your breath” to regulate the mind. I think there is a big problem here. Zazen should […]


The continuous flow of thoughts in the mind does not stop, what can you do about it? True boundless awareness can be said to resemble It. Beyond name and form, people cannot realize It. After splitting a hair, hone the sword at once!


‘By keeping mindful of the matter of birth and death, your mental technique is already correct. Once the mental technique is correct, then you won’t need to use effort to clear your mind as you respond to circumstances in your daily activities. When you don’t actively try to clear out your mind, then you won’t […]