Tara Brach

‘Compassion means to be with, feel with, suffer with. Classical Buddhist texts describe compassion as the quivering of the heart, a visceral tenderness in the face of suffering. In the Buddhist tradition, one who has realized the fullness of compassion and lives from compassion is called a bodhisattva. The bodhisattva’s path and teaching is that when we allow our hearts to be touched by suffering – our own or another’s – our natural compassion flowers. The bodhisattva’s aspiration is simple and powerful: “May all circumstances serve to awaken compassion.” When we are going through a divorce, afraid for our child, facing disease, facing death – whatever is happening can be a gateway to the clear and limitless compassion, which is the essence of Radical Acceptance.’ (Radical Acceptance)

Well, here we are, facing disease, facing death, and it is clear where compassion is present and where it is lacking.

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