The Dharma Seat

I am grateful for all the teaching opportunities I have right now – and also for the fact that many of them are paid opportunities. I am not struggling  for money in the way I have been for just about all the time since I left Zen Center. And I am aware that nothing is guaranteed. Since this is my vow and vocation, I will continue regardless.

What has struck me in the last couple of weeks is the sheer range of teaching I am getting to do. I am half-way through the four classes on the Bendowa for Zen Center. I found the first class very enjoyable, as there were enough people on the Zoom call to promote a lively discussion; this past week I felt we dived deep into the weeds of everything that makes Dogen hard to understand, and I hope I did not send everyone away with a head-ache. I feel good about testing myself to get across what I want to communicate, and have that be helpful to people.

There are corporate guided meditations, my ongoing student group, silent sittings, the continued intimacy of the Hebden Bridge meetings (you can listen to all of my contributions on the audio page – I have edited out the discussions that follow, for privacy reasons), and the sessions on Instagram, which often land half-way between guided meditation and dharma talk.

I hope that, despite all the different contexts and levels of accessibility, there are a few way-seeking minds being aroused, and that people feel helped and supported by what I have to offer, and what I can share of the dharma.

IMG_6237Shelter-in-place dharma seat, online class version. I had to have my laptop close at hand, as there is so much juggling of screen sharing, reading my notes, checking the chat window, looking to see if the participants are still engaged…

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