Kobun Chino

‘I have spoken many times about posture, which is one third of the sitting position, but also the breath sits, the mind sits. It’s hard to talk about zazen body and zazen mind separately. Maybe it’s just a convenience to say, “From the physical, bodily perspective, I sit this way.” On the other hand, one can say, “Mind alone is sitting, nothing else exists.” That perspective is also possible. Also, from the viewpoint of breath, there is no body and no mind, only breath, and breath sits. You can work on these three perspectives of one sitting. But it’s not like I work on my body position, my breath, and then my mind. You don’t need to think that way. This point is very important in not misunderstanding sitting. You could sit your whole life with kind concerns about yourself or about the world in which you exist, and not reach to the point of sitting.’ (Embracing Mind)

Compare and contrast with yesterday’s post. Where is your mind now?

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