Gesshin Greenwood

‘The only good advice I ever got about zazen or Zen practice in general is: “It takes time.” I never wanted to believe this, but I think it’s the only advice that anyone gives that is actually true. You just have to sit for a long time, for many years, and then wisdom and trust develop.
There are no wise words that are going to help you because there is no substitute for doing it yourself. There’s no teacher who can say anything that will be a substitute for your own time and effort. I believe this based on the very few years I have actually spent sitting zazen because, even in a few years, my relationship to zazen has changed so much. I can only imagine what it will be like thirty years down the road.
I think the only useful thing a teacher can do is to show someone that their life is their own life and their karma is their own karma, meaning that you’re choosing how to live your life in every moment.’  (Bow First, Ask Questions Later)

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