Eido Frances Carney

‘Coming to the realization of Buddha Mind, to Buddha Nature, is understanding once and for all, we lack nothing. There is nothing else we have to be; there is nothing else we can be actually. This is it. There is nothing lacking in existence. We are spiritually incorrect when we think that we lack anything at all. It is an affront to the Dharma to think that we lack something. It is the same about any kind of claim that we make about existence. There is nothing missing.’ (Receiving the Marrow)

Flicking through this book of Dogen commentaries, and finding this passage, I felt the familiar stirring of the blood and energy that is my sense of affirmation of the truth of these statements, such as I have experienced through practice. And, at the same time, while I was typing it out, I could not help but think that many people in less privileged parts of society would read this and shake their heads. In the world, much is missing. And this is still true.

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