‘When you see a speck of dust, it is not that you don’t see the world of phenomena. When you realize the world of phenomena, it is not that you do not realize a speck of dust. When buddhas realize the world of phenomena, they do not keep you from realization. Wholesomeness is manifest in the beginning, middle, and end.

Thus, realization is reality right now. Even shocks, doubts, fears, and frights are none other than reality right now. However, with buddha knowledge it is different; seeing a speck of dust is different from sitting within a speck of dust. Even when you sit in the world of phenomena, it is not broad. Even when you sit in a speck of dust, it is not narrow. If you are not fully present, you do not fully sit. If you are fully present, you are free of how large or narrow it is where you are. Thus you have thoroughly experienced the essential unfolding of dharma blossoms.

Is it that the manifestation and essence of your practice now originates in the world of phenomena or in a speck of dust? Have no shocks and doubts, no fears or frights. Just this turning of dharma blossoms is the original practice, deep and wide. In seeing the speck of dust and seeing the world of phenomena, there is no attempt to create or measure.’ (Shobogenzo Hokke Ten Hokke)

Before turning to this passage, I was looking at the fascicle on the kashaya, and the same propositions were at work. Don’t get caught on whether silk or other cloth is right, or what constitutes the discarded cloths traditionally used for Buddha’s robe. Here, don’t get caught in measuring. Though, being Dogen, he goes on to say that even attempting to measure is ‘in accordance with dharma blossoms.’ Realization is reality right now, as long as we don’t stop and think about it.

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