‘Nothing arises on its own. Everything is the result of karma. All it is is karma. It possesses no self-nature. According to the Middle Path, since nothing possesses any self-nature, it does not exist. Yet we give things a name, hence they do not not exist. Becuase we do not not give them names, we keep liberating beings. But because their natures are empty, we do not actually liberate anyone. And why don’t we liberate anyone? If the concept of a self existed, we could say that somebody is liberated. But since neither a self nor an other exist, who is liberated? Is is only a fiction.’ (Commentary on the Diamond Sutra)

A fiction, I might add, that we take to be real.

One thought on “Seng-Chao

  1. It is helpful to read the words of the tathgata. I trust that they settle deep although my mind cannot always find a proper place for them. If I empty “myself” out then there is space for good karma to exist. This “other ” and “I” are just joyful energy and a blessing. Mara is no longer our master.


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