Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

‘We will forever be pushed to expand the human capacity. Are we ready to keep living with an attention to how we navigate what feels like the worst of times, without closing off or covering it all up with optimism? We are collectively and constantly being given the path to transformation and awakening. We may have to walk it in our bare feet without knowing where we are going. Are you ready for such wandering with its trouble and beauty along the way? Can you be the open field of unknowing darkness that you are and discover what it means to live on this planet with all else that is alive? Can you still have visions of the freedom you know to have been granted in birth?’ (from Lion’s Roar)

One thought on “Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

  1. “”It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… ..” How do I do what needs to be done in even the darkest of times?? Buddha Nature keeps peeking out within the darkness. Can I embrace her wholeheartedly??


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