Lama Rod Owens

‘One thing that I have discerned from my practice is that all our different bodies are interconnected. The physical body is the central experience body for us, as it is the body that seems to be in the same time and place with us. Every other body links into our physical body, and we can work through our physical body to connect to and learn to embody our other bodies. The bodies that I identify and work with in my practice are the physical body, emotional body, subtle energy body, sexual body, spiritual body, collective body, social media body, and ego body.’ (Love and Rage)

I was reading this passage with my student group this week, and my first thought was that if we take a moment to look at all these different bodies, they have all suffered from the isolating circumstances of this year. I asked my students, and I ask you, what will you be able to do to nourish these important aspects of your being?

2 thoughts on “Lama Rod Owens

  1. The fact that we cannot always help others chip away at everything that is not themselves is an exquisite pain. I am my most happy when I am in harmony with others in a nourishing way. I would like to be at peace at all times. But I myself do not know myself well enough to be there. Not yet anyway. In the meantime I struggle with my feelings of agony and exstacy.


  2. I remember when first felt the weight of the consequences of living with my violent roomie who was fascinated by stealing and burning my meager belongings. My first impulse was to run out of the house, screaming at the top of my lungs,but then my therapist asked me if I really thought homelessness would be better?? Sometimes we must stand upright in the fridgedness of cold and want until the glowing warmth of our zazen melts the flames. This is the only real solution but,unfortunately, it entails some suffering as a cost. We must earn it.


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