The Dhammapada

‘O let us live in joy, in love amongst those who hate! Among those who hate, let us live in love’

I have often packed my Dhammapada when I have been traveling, as it is one of the smallest Buddhist books I own, and it is comforting to pull out and read at an airport, or a train station. I pulled it down the other day ahead of doing a meditation on Chalk, as I was wanting to to find some words about what we create with our minds (the opening lines in fact), and leafed through the rest of it. These seemed like good and challenging words from millennia past. Human behaviour has not really changed in the meantime, even if the way it manifests takes a different form.

One thought on “The Dhammapada

  1. Oh, what is life?! What is joy?! Does it change as I change my mind? Does it creep up to me ever so slowly and say: hello. I have been looking for you? When I plot a course to find it, I hear a voice whisper, no. I am over here! You are over here, you are over there. Can both be true simultaneously? Of course they can!


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