Soko Morinaga

‘In the Japanese language, determination is composed of two ideographs that carry the respective meanings “to be angry” and “aspiration.” Your anger is not directed toward someone else. Indignant with yourself over your own weakness and immaturity, you employ the strong whip of aspiration; this is determination.’ (From Novice to Master)

As with other quotes from this book, it is helpful to remember that the author is reminiscing about the rigours of traditional Japanese monastic practice. In the right container, what might seem like the complete absence of self-compassion is perhaps the necessary tool to break through old patterns.

One thought on “Soko Morinaga

  1. In this he’ll realm of greed, hatred, and delusion a bodhisattva must remember who he is and why he is here. This doesn’t mean that he thinks that he is better. He has just chosen a side.


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