Gudo Nishijima

‘Devotion to Dharma is devotion to the Universe itself. The Universe has its order, its beauty, its laws. As Buddhists we seek to follow the rule of the Universe; we seek to enter into the order of the Universe itself. We devote ourselves to that order; we devote ourselves to the rule of the Universe, we devote ourselves to Dharma. Devotion to Dharma is the fundamental principle of Buddhism.’ (from a talk on the Precepts)

Here the word ‘devotion’ is used for what we often call ‘taking refuge’, and since that term can sometimes seem a little opaque, having a different translation like this can help with our understanding.

One thought on “Gudo Nishijima

  1. What are the laws of the universe? What is its order, its beauty? I believe that we can be in harmony, in touch with her essence thru our zazen practice. Then mix in the teachings, our yearning and of course time. Then we will have a better chance at expressing who we truly are in more of the things we do.

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