Sister Elizabeth Wagner

‘When we’re alone, all the fears and worries and anxieties come up, because we can’t distract ourselves. The great way to be with ourselves, to embrace who we are, warts, bumps, lumps and all, is to breathe.’ (from the New York Times)

I was interested to read this recent article about hermits and what they have to offer us all in this age of isolation. Whatever tradition the speaker adhere to, the life lessons are the same.

A college friend of mine, on hearing that I was moving to Tassajara, expressed that he was not at all surprised, having long detected in me an ascetic streak; certainly I had no difficulties with the retreat aspect of monastic living. My life these days is somewhat different, but as I remember discussing with the Hebden group earlier this year, the lessons from those years have helped with this year. See also Kanzan.

One thought on “Sister Elizabeth Wagner

  1. I feel a searinng wound in my heart today. It could be due to a healing process, could be memories, could be a fresh wound. I don’t know. Best to just let it be.


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