Issho Fujita

‘While we are sitting in zazen, we definitely have a feeling of disappointment and unsatisfactoriness, a sense of uncertainty or fruitlessness. We think, “I am working so hard but I’m not experiencing the ’response’ or ’effect’ that I wish. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Maybe my effort is not enough. Or maybe I am not suited for zazen…” These kinds of doubts and questions arise one after another in our mind. At that time we feel at a complete loss, thinking, “Should I keep doing such an unresponsive thing or not? Is not this a waste of time?” But that is totally all right for zazen. Rather, it is a good sign that we are doing zazen in the right direction.’ (from the Soto Zen Journal)

Once again, Issho is drawing a comparison between shuzen that is goal-oriented and zazen that we allow to unfold naturally as our moment-by-moment experience, letting go of outcomes.

One thought on “Issho Fujita

  1. When I become doubtful about my zazen practice is when I am in emotional, mental or spiritual discomfort. Sometimes I won’t sit when I am like that. I will make up for it when I am feeling better. Somehow I feel the feelings are to extreme and that I can’t stand it. I will sit with them while I am in a different physical posture.


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