Sharon Salzberg

‘We all struggle with what to change and what to let be, what we can affect and what we can’t, the effort it takes to foster change, and how it’s all too possible to burn out or shut down. I’ve learned that meditation can provide tools to help courage grow out of rage and resilience out of grief. I’ve learned that if your own life has been shattered by the actions of others, the perspective meditaion offers can help you become whole.’ (Real Change)

I have not bought this book yet, but it has been heartening to see quotes from it on social media.

One thought on “Sharon Salzberg

  1. It has always been a struggle for me to maintain a consistent, personal meditation practice. And that is the main thing about zen matters! I want to breed ” courage out of rage” and I want to breed “esiliecnce out of grief”. I think that even my haphazard efforts help with that. But still there is much more work to be done. Best to keep chipping away at it as best I can. Even though my efforts and the results are not perfect.


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