Katagiri Roshi

‘When you fully devote yourself to your activity, the moment and you come together, creating a kind of momentum or energy. You and your activity become one, and this refined activity very naturally leads you to forget yourself. In a moment you go beyond the phenomenal world of time and space to the source of time, where your life is calm and stable and your activity is clear and pure. When there is no self-consciousness it is bodhi, enlightenment. Bodhi-mind is freedom. It is the function of mind that is beyond dualistic consciousness. But to arouse bodhi-mind we have to use our discriminating, human mind. In other words, Buddha’s mind is beyond human consciousness, but the only way to find out what it is is through conscious activity. That is why we practice.’ (Each Moment is the Universe)

This is a wonderful and detailed description of a state I hope you know; meditation is a great way to access this, but there are many other such gates as well.

One thought on “Katagiri Roshi

  1. From what I understand about what was said we are caught in the purpose or intention of the mind and there is no contiousness of self. Yes?


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