Kobun Chino

‘The life we live is not necessarily what we have studied or discussed. This conceptual, knowledge-based self is nothing but a game of created self-consciousness, an image of ignorance, so to speak. Life has to be freed and lived, instead of being known. Knowing never satisfies, although knowing is one of our major intellectual functions. It’s as if you say, “Oh, I got it,” and then go to sleep.’ (Embracing Mind)

I know this is not exactly a seasonal post. I was reflecting on how, at Zen Center, there was discussion most years about how Buddhists ought to celebrate the 25th – it was observed as a holiday, with more flourishes than those for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. I was always grateful for any break in the schedule. Today I can also celebrate 1900 posts on this site. I hope you have a relaxing day, as I intend to.

4 thoughts on “Kobun Chino

  1. Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanza! Happy New Year! Our brains are just a tool we use to back up whatever belief system we choose; delusions mostly. Reality, I believe, is known thru a different system of understanding that few choose to discover. Luckily we have great assistance from many teachers ancient and modern. Glad you are relaxing today Shundo. I bet you need the rest!


  2. This post does make me think about learning vs experiencing. Seems like too much of one or too much of the other is a problem. Learning is a proxy for the experience, but it allows us to experience things we wouldn’t have otherwise.


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