Dale S. Wright

‘Cultivating trust, we acknowledge and address our lack of control, all the ways in which our agency is limited and at times completely overshadowed by the magnitude of the reality surrounding us. Trust of this kind enables us to accept that truth. It places us in a position to move confidently in that space of inevitable uncertainty toward goals that we ourselves have chosen.’ (The Six Perfections)

These seem like apt words to round out a year where most of us will have felt our lack of control in the face of the magnitude of the reality surrounding us. Our practice helps us to continue, nevertheless. May your year ahead be guided by practice like this.

One thought on “Dale S. Wright

  1. It is very, very good to have someone trustworthy to trust. Sometimes we have to surrender to those who are not trustworthy. Then we have the opportunity to be their teacher. If we can be surrender in the face of violence then we are demonstrating another way to be. Speak up. Teach what you know so far. And The Way will take you to good places you never expected


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