Lama Rod Owens

Dharma means “truth” or “law.” I usually define it as the true essence of phenomenal reality. Dharma is the expression of wisdom or clarity, openness, and honesty. It is seeing things as they really are. Dharma helps us to suffer less. Often dharma is described as the teachings of the historical Buddha. In this context, I like to translate dharma as “gospel,” which in theology is the Greek word for “good news.” Therefore the dharma as taught by the Buddha is the good news that the nature of all phenomena is free from delusion, which means it is free from suffering.’ (Love and Rage)

From the book I probably spent more time looking at last year than any other (though to my shame I have not finished a dharma book since the pandemic started). I love this intertwinining of dharma and gospel, and I hope that this year brings you the relief of this good news.

One thought on “Lama Rod Owens

  1. The Dharma, from what I can understand, is reality, is how things really are. I cannot grasp it but I can be in harmony with it. I like that it was said that the dharma is free from delusion and suffering. That is a relief!!


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