Roxane Gay

‘In the coming weeks, we’ll undoubtedly hear the argument that now is the time for centrism and compromise and bipartisan efforts. That argument is wrong. There is no compromise with politicians who amass power, hoard it, and refuse to relinquish it when the democratic process does not work in their favor. There is no compromise with politicians who create a set of conditions that allow a coup attempt to take place, resulting in four deaths, countless injuries, and irreparable damage to the country both domestically and internationally. These people do not care about working with their colleagues on the other side of the proverbial aisle. They have an agenda, and whenever they are in power, they execute that agenda with precision and discipline. And they do so unapologetically.

It’s time for Democrats to use their power in the same way and legislate without worrying about how Republican voters or politicians will respond. Cancel student loan debt. Pass another voting rights act that enfranchises as many Americans as possible. Create a true path to citizenship for undocumented Americans. Implement a $15 minimum hourly wage. Enact “Medicare for all.” Realistically, only so much is possible with a slender majority in the Senate, but the opportunity to make the most of the next two years is there.

With the power they hold, Democrats can try to make this country a more equitable and generous place rather than one where the interests of the very wealthy and powerful are the priority.’ (from the New York Times)

On Wednesday I had almost idly tuned in to live coverage of the debate from the Senate over certifying the electoral count; I had been intending to write some scripts for Core, and was procrastinating a little. As the scene turned from debate to mob riot, I stayed glued to updates through the afternoon. All at the same time that the two senate run-offs in Georgia were won by the Democratic candidates, and the US had its deadliest day of the pandemic. Maybe the fever has broken now, a little. I heartily endorse, as I often do, everything that Professor Gay proposes. This article, on words and deeds and ‘who we are’ was also illuminating.

One thought on “Roxane Gay

  1. This world is just a testing ground. Will we personally do what the right thing is? Donald Trump is just stabbing himself all over with many pains. How will we personally respond?


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