‘It was said that the Tathagata cannot be seen by means of attributes, and yet he does not lack attributes. Attributes are basically the appearance of dharmas. This does not mean to get rid of appearances but only to remain detached from dharmas. This means that when we see that dharmas have no self, and accept that dharmas have no self, prajna will appear.’ (Commentary on the Diamond Sutra)

I sometimes find the word ‘detached’ can lead to wrong impressions; I would trade it in for ‘not get caught up in’. But then, don’t get caught up in that either. And so on.

One thought on “Chi-fo

  1. I really must be wicked because I cannot help seeing the attributes of the buddha and relishing them. However I cherish and relish the various and diverse attributes and cultures of all buddhas everywhere, knowing that we all come from the same source. If the attributes are empty then they are empty. I just can’t help admiring their beauty.


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