Robin Wall Kimmerer

‘While expressing gratitude seems innocent enough, it is a revolutionary idea. In a consumer society, contentment is a radical proposition. Recognizing abundance rather than scarcity undermines an economy that thrives by creating unmet desires. Gratitude cultivates an ethic of fullness, but the economy needs emptiness. The Thanksgiving Address reminds you that you already have everything you need. Gratitude doesn’t send you out shopping to find satisfaction; it comes as a gift rather than a commodity, subverting the foundation of the whole economy. That’s good medicine for land and people alike.’ (Braiding Sweetgrass)

If this sounds somewhat familiar, it may be that you remember this post, also from a woman with strong environmental credentials.

One thought on “Robin Wall Kimmerer

  1. If I tell someone, in words, not in words, that I appreciate you, that I appreciate your struggle in life, just watch them melt like a puddle of warm butter when the heat is on. We need that encouragement! We need that gratitude!

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