Gudo Nishijima

‘We all have desire. Desire is an important factor in our life. But excessive desire is not the origin of happiness. It destroys our composure. Too much desire tends to make our life unhappy. So Gautama Buddha recognized the existence of desire but he warned against too much indulgence. He advised us not to desire too much.’ (from a talk on the Precepts)

Or at least, hold them lightly, and be able to let go every now and then.

One thought on “Gudo Nishijima

  1. If I am a spoiled brat (which I am you know!) Then I will be like Shakyamuni Buddha in the palace; getting his desires filled before he knows he has them. Which drove him to deny himelf almost onto death. I wanna be on the middle road. Desiring is a sweet pungent longing. Asceticism is vigorous and firm. Joy, joy, joy, joy. Thats all I want is joy. Apparently joy comes in many different forms. Joy, joy, joy, joy. That is all I want is Joy!

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