Corey Ichigen Hess

‘First, at first we think that being present is exhausting. We have this limited amount of focus. We can do it for a while, and then we have to take a break. Take some breaths, or return to our stream of thoughts. Or, we have to have quiet or a controlled environment to connect with and feel this full and tautness we get from class and our practice.

I would like to challenge the idea that being present is exhausting. A big shift for many of us comes when we discover that being present fills us up with energy. As if the present moment blows us up like a balloon. We find that focusing on it fills us up. We find this present moment fills up our bodies, creates this internal momentum we have discovered in the standing/sitting.

So, instead of the present moment being something we go to at times and then go back to normal, instead of ki being something we get sometimes, it is the base of our experience. It is where we return to. This momentum is not something we cultivate but something always there, always our basic experience.’ (from Zen Embodiment)

Another nice observation from Corey.

One thought on “Corey Ichigen Hess

  1. What a relief to find that we are actually good at being present; that we have been present all our lives, since infancy. It is just sometimes we are not enjoying what is going on in the present, or that our view of reality needs to be tweeked. More likely than not we need to swipe empty the contents of our souls and our minds and just enjoy what is.

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