‘There really is nothing at all to give you to understand, or to give you to wonder about, because each of you has your own business. When the great function appears, it does not take any effort on your part; now you are no different from the Zen masters and buddhas. It’s just that your roots of faith are shallow and thin, while your bad habits are dense and thick.

Suddenly you get all excited and go on long journeys with your bowls and bags; why do you undergo such inconvenience? What insufficiency is there in you? You are adults; who has no lot? Even when you attain understanding individually on your own, this is still not being on top of things; so you shouldn’t accept the deceptions of others or the judgments of others.’ (The Sayings of Yunmen)

Yunmen was fond of giving his monks a hard time.

One thought on “Yunmen

  1. It does not matter what you do, it is never enuf for the world or your parents or your Roshi. What do you think? Is it enuf for you??

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