‘Master Shui Lao asked Mazu, “What is the true meaning of the coming from the West?” Mazu then knocked him down with a kick to the chest: Shui Lao was greatly enlightened. He got up clapping his hands and laughing loudly and said, “How extraordinary! How wonderful! Instantly, on the tip of a hair, I’ve understood the root source of myriad states of concentration and countless subtle meanings.” Then he bowed and withdrew. Afterwards, he would tell the assembly, “From the time I took Mazu’s kick up until now, I haven’t stopped laughing.’ (quoted in Swampland Flowers)

Once again, kids, don’t try this at home.

One thought on “Mazu

  1. Is he crazy; kicking his student in the chest? But I guess it worked in that place and time. If I want to correct something I use my words, maybe in a shocking way like a blow to the chest. Maybe using everydsy zen. Maybe not speaking at all. My efforts are only as pure as my understanding I hope and pray that the results are good.


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