Shodo Harada

‘No matter what path you follow to reach the place of truth, the place you arrive is the same. When people are totally committed to their religious practice, they no longer need to be chauvinistic about it. All that is necessary is to dig into that basic question, to reach that deepest essence, and humbly accept Grace…

For those who have realized this place, there is nothing more to search for externally, or to find in another religion. All people in society need to realize this true human nature – not Buddha, or God, or that self that yearns for sex, fame, and money, but that which would naturally be respected by anyone who came in contact with it. Directly feeling the great depth and clarity of this human nature, we bow not only to God and Buddha but to that holy human quality that does not come from a life spent napping and yawning. To say “that person can do it but I cannot” is indulgent and comes from not looking at things in the right way and living in accord with that way.’ (The Path to Bodhidharma)

One thought on “Shodo Harada

  1. He said “fame, sex, and money” He forgot about love. Love. Friendship love. Eros love. Offspring love. Love of principle. Love of self. He forgot about love.

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