Judy Roitman

‘I don’t want to go down the neurophysiology rabbit hole—there’s a huge body of literature by people far more qualified than I am—but the fact is that we construct our world out of all these electrical impulses and chemical reactions and cellular processes and imperceptible (to us) movements constrained by perceptual limitations (infrared, ultraviolet, infrasound, ultrasound, and so on), not to mention the basic mental categories we fit everything into—object/action, time/space, life/death, and so on. And guess what? The Buddha and his henchmen/women were quite aware of all this, even though they didn’t have the cognitive categories of electrical impulses and chemical reactions and cellular processes. Whatever philosophical framework they used, they still knew that however we thought things were, they weren’t. They knew that we are always making everything up.’ (from Lion’s Roar)

One thought on “Judy Roitman

  1. God made us co-creators with him self. We like to figure things out. Hence the human brain. My brains are not “all that” so being a girl, my emotions are as big as my brains. Now all this needs to be on a leash, hence self-control. Now all this is interesting or not but the fact is that we only currently use a small fraction of our mind’s capabilities . Endless potential exists

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