Gaylon Ferguson

‘If we engage our bodies and minds and breathing and emotions fully in mindfulness practice, on the other hand, that same quality of spacious connection can continue as we rise from meditation. Mindfulness goes hand in hand with noticing the environment around our body, around our breathing, around our thoughts and emotions. We listen to what our partner is saying rather than mentally replay the tense moments from our day at work. We notice the swaying of the trees in the wind, just as we notice the movement of our legs in walking meditation. Same directness, same inclusiveness.

From mindful listening can arise mindful speaking. Here non-effort may provide another helpful hint: leaving pauses in our speech allows for genuine dialogue. Slowing down the impulsive momentum of saying one thing after another is a natural result of mindfulness. Mindful communication is the basis of mindful communities.

Mindless speech is speech that causes harm through gossip, slander, lying, and deception. The result of such speech—as when politicians play on our fears to incite hatred—is a divided society; we feel more disconnected from each other. Mindful speech is acting to heal societal wounds.’ (from Lion’s Roar)

More warm and encouraging words from this article.

One thought on “Gaylon Ferguson

  1. Can we be in tune with our unconscious mind as well; editing and filtering and chosing what we say. I know that I have to clean up my language. When I feel strongly I would rather communicate with my friends in a tactful manner remaining aware that we are my brothers and sisters and I do not like it when others use cruel speech with me.

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