Chan Master Sheng Yen

‘There are four components of compassion. The first is that we understand our own conflicts and the development of inner peace. The others are: sympathy for other people’s shortcomings, forgiveness of other people’s mistakes, and concern with other people’s suffering. The first component of compassion allows us to develop the other components. In order to be at peace with yourself, you must have a calm and peaceful mind. To do this, keep in mind the concepts of cause and effect and causes and conditions. This will help you remain calm and peaceful, and you will then be able to be compassionate, sympathetic, forgiving, and caring toward others.’ (Subtle Wisdom)

One thought on “Chan Master Sheng Yen

  1. I learned to love myself by being truly loved by another. Being loved taught me alot of things It’s got to be the most simple yet most complex experience imaginable. Sometimes we befriend one another. Sometimes we exchange useful information. Sometimes we rescue each other from certain collapse. Sometimes we tickle the funnybone and the laughter and the joy tumbles out. Any way we truly connect with, are truly supportive of and are truly encouraging to one another produce stellar results. Let’s go deeper. How about by passing something reslly nice that maybe you deserve even only to give it to that girl who changed your test scores so that you couldn’t get into university and she could. Self-sacrificing love.


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