Shodo Harada

‘That which has to be realized is not something outside of ourselves or something that we can understand from someone else’s words. It is the experience itself that is valid; that someone else’s words have been used to describe the experience is not the point. In face, this level of awareness is beyond any form, beyond any words, and beyond calling it the teaching of the Buddha. At this point even that form or that personality or that historical Buddha is no longer necessary.’ (The Path to Bodhidharma)

One thought on “Shodo Harada

  1. The whole universe is the Dharma. We bump into tthe Dharma everywhere we turn. That scoundrel Mara trys to delude, distract and divide us. Many times she succeeds . Just a little patience, a little instruction, a great deal of effort and letting go: boom! back on track.


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