Dale S. Wright

‘Every choice we face provides us with an opportunity either to embrace or to break the hold that the past has had on us. No matter how often we have chosen a certain way in the past, so long as we are human, we retain the freedom (to always varying degrees) to disown earlier patterns and to break out onto a new path. But all of our previous decisions are weighing heavily in the direction of the character we have formed for ourselves through previous actions, thus making decisive change difficult. Decisions made do weigh on us, and their presence is lasting. That is why human freedom is so profound in its significance, awesome in its magnitude. All of us, to the extent that we are human and free, remember with terror and regret bad decisions that we have made in the past. These memories sensitize us to the responsibilities that accompany our freedom and help us to grasp just what is at stake each time we choose.’ (The Six Perfections)

One thought on “Dale S. Wright

  1. Sometimes we have actually made the best choice, it is just this broken fallen world is punishing us for it. Or maybe we have strayed yet this broken fallen world rewards us. Best to turn within and illuminate our innermost landscape and sit still quietly even explore wih our reasoning capabilities before we make that choice.

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