Soko Morinaga

‘Many people are willing to learn techniques that help them live their lives. But the person who seeks to confirm their life at its roots by reaching beyond techniques to the fundamentals – to true religion – is exceedingly rare. I find this state of affairs most regrettable. That is why I can’t help but urge you to refrain from evaluating your daily life on the basis of what you think you know, on the basis of collected data. I want you to awaken to everything and to seek the true way of living. But make no mistake: Whether you remain in the category of a dissatisfied person or become an awakened buddha is solely up to you, dependent solely upon your own actual doing.’ (Novice To Master)

As with other passages from this book that I have quoted, I think he is entirely right, and I don’t know how palatable a message it is for people outside of the rigourous training container that he describes.

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