Lama Rod Owens

‘To love my anger means that I must love myself. This is what a loving and liberatory relationship with anger demands, and these demands must be met fully without reserve or aversion, because the consequences mean that my love of anger alone turns to an abuse where I begin to demand of my anger what I believe the root fo my hurt to be.

We need to own our anger, but we don’t have to operate from that anger. We can operate from the love while anger continues to inform what’s going on. But it also continues to direct us back to our hurt, and to let the hurt connect us to others, and to let the broken heart remind us that we’re not the only ones in the world struggling. We are all experiencing broken hearts. None of this is working the way we wanted. I find this realization to be incredibly important for me. It continually reminds me that I am not special because I am hurting. I am basically just like everyone else.’ (Love and Rage)

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