Summer Times

The fog switch has been flipping on and off again – after the previous weekend, we went back to a week of greyness before the clear skies rolled in again for the weekend. Having chosen Saturday for my weekly long ride, I was glad to get through Daly City and Colma without getting soaked by condensation; there was another benefit in having no headwind on the way back, which usually makes the last hour or so more energy-sapping.

For the roam on Sunday, we had warm sun and a bit of a fresh breeze; we headed for shade a few times when it was available, and when I got home afterwards, I definitely felt like I had had my dose of sunshine for the day.

It suddenly seems like I have more time available to me in the coming weeks, for three reasons: after the Euros, the football is over for the summer, and so is the Tour de France – with disappointments for the English on the final day of each. I hadn’t intended to watch the Tour at all, but since it was being shown in its entirety on the channel I subscribe to for the football, I got caught up in the stories and emotions (and of course the landscapes and the chateaux). The third opening up of time is around housing: I have found my next place to live, and the relief of signing a new lease was reflected in my sleeping much more soundly this week than I have for a while.

Despite the rigours and disappointments of the weeks of looking, I trusted that something good would show up – as it has done for my previous two housing searches. On Friday, ten days ago, scouring Craigslist afresh, as I had been doing every day, I saw a new listing that looked ideal, was able to see it an hour later, and put in an application at the end of the day. The people I am dealing with, unlike plenty of others I have come across, have been very clear and prompt in all their communications, which is in itself a relief, and the place is lovely – not so far from Zen Center as well. The only stress I had was on Monday a week ago, when, having signed the lease, I was asked to send the deposit and first month’s rent over (which I am grateful to have enough money in the bank to be able to do), and Venmo flagged the transaction. I started my sit with Zachary tense, and wondering how I was going to deal with it. I managed to get half the amount sent over, but despite assurances from Venmo customer support, the other half kept getting flagged, so after my later meditation session, I rushed over to the bank to collect a banker’s cheque, and rode over to deliver it to the building manager. The next morning, everything was confirmed. Now I just have all the rest of the burocracy to deal with, plus the packing…

This was what the city looked like most of the week.
A jacaranda in the Dogpatch, from Sunday’s roam.
I assume this is a Mark di Suvero in the UCSF quad in Mission Bay. It was moving with the breeze.
Kayaking along Mission Creek towards the Third St bridge, with the newest developments in the background.

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