Nyogen Senzaki

‘The teachings can only describe or explain what Truth is by referring to its attributes or to relationships that distinguish it from untruth. Master or no master, that is all that can be done. All masters describe or explain Truth, but none of them can make you realize it. You must open your own inner gate by yourself. This monk asked Nansen, “Is there a teaching no master has ever preached?” Nansen replied, “Yes, there is.” The answer is honest and true.

A master never preaches the inner, or esoteric teaching. But the kind of preaching that merely entertains listeners is rather harmful. It gives them the burdens of delusion, endlessly. A master speaks abruptly, and cuts off the road of thinking in the mind of the listener.’ (Eloquent Silence)

If anyone’s ears perked up at the thought of the inner, or esoteric teaching, I would have to be abrupt with you.

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