Norman Fischer

‘Bodhisattvas know that the conventional self, the ego self, isn’t the whole story or necessarily the true story. There are other stories. Yes, I am me with my personal history and social role. I can’t deny it. But that’s just my story. We all need a story. Yes, I am an ordinary person. like everyone. But I am also a bodhisattva living many lifetimes practicing my vow to be of benefit to others. And so are you.’ (The World Could Be Otherwise)

You don’t have to believe in the part about many lifetimes for this piece to resonate. As it happens, the other passage I had noted to include here was about re-incarnation, and the message there is, who knows. The important thing is to lift our level of awareness and compassion beyond the immediate. Otherwise, for example, we have no chance of dealing with the climate crisis.

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