Corey Ichigen Hess

‘I’m trying to get you to interact directly with reality.  It is as if we have an orange in our hands. We see the orange and we wonder, “Is that a delicious orange?” We can directly touch it, we peel it, smell it, take a bite out of it, and yet we are still asking outwardly about it.  Maybe we ask someone else, “Is that orange delicious?”  Or we look it up in a book written long ago, “Do the sutras say it’s a delicious orange? Do they tell me how to experience that orange? Am I doing it right?  Am I worthy of tasting it myself?”  We may ask a teacher, “How should I taste that orange?”’ (from Zen Embodiment)

2 thoughts on “Corey Ichigen Hess

  1. LOL Thank you for that. I googled him and opened some tabs in the browser and will look at them later. I receive your emails and read them every day. I appreciate the photos too that are sometimes in them. It sounds like you are enjoying your new place.


    1. Thanks David. I follow Corey’s blog, and enjoy the way he talks about practice. I am glad you are finding benefit in my blog. And yes, my new place is lovely, thank you


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