Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

‘True interrelationship means to recognize our interdependence with other beings. There are always others present in the field of life, whether we care to look or not. The word “true” indicates that the interrelationship we are speaking of is not just about being of the same species or about what we “do” for each other, such as grow food, build houses, provide services, or share material possessions. “Interrelationship” does not mean the cliché, “we all have a part in making the world go round.” It refers to the unseen life force that is an expression of nature. It is ever present between forms of nature, between us. What makes our interrelationship “true” is the unseen  life force that exists between and sustains us. It is a collective experience of life that moves in us and between us like the breath we breathe.’ (The Way of Tenderness)

A commentary on yesterday’s post, perhaps.

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