There is an incredible stillness that has arrived, as it often does at this time of year. The temperature rises and the wind drops – the wind that is otherwise virtually omnipresent in the city. Having endured what seemed like more fog than usual through September, the basking heat is very welcome.

Naturally I tried to spend a lot of time outside – on my deck during a break on Friday, on a roam on Saturday afternoon, and on my bike on Sunday morning. Last week was very full with many things, both scheduled events, and sadnesses and joys, so the warm outdoors was a balm.

I intentionally let work go over the weekend, and now I worry that I have nothing to say for the second class on Hyakujo and the Fox on Thursday. At least this week I will have more space to study, and perhaps some notions will appear.

Hiking up to the foot of the Sutro tower during the roam on Saturday.
Late afternoon light.

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