‘A moment or two of mind is a moment of mountains, rivers, and earth, or two moments of mountains, rivers, and earth. Because mountains, rivers, earth, and so forth neither exist nor do not exist, they are not large or small, not attainable or unattainable, not knowable or unknowable, not penetrable or impenetrable. They neither change with realization, nor change without realization. Just wholeheartedly accept with trust that to study the way with mind is this mountains-rivers-and-earth mind itself thoroughly engaged in studying the way. 

This trust and acceptance is neither large nor small, neither existent nor nonexistent. To study in this manner—understanding that home is no home, abandoning home, and entering the homeless life—is not measurable as large or small, near or far. It is beyond beginning or end, beyond ascending or descending. Unrolling the matter, it is seven or eight feet. Responding immediately, it benefits the self and others. All this is nothing but the study of the way.’ (Shobogenzo Shinjin Gakudo)

It’s been nice to leaf through this again.

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