Suzuki Roshi

‘I think we have very good spirit here in this zendo and Tassajara. I was rather amazed at the spirit you have. But how you should extend this spirit to our everyday life is– will be the next, you know, question. And how you do it is to respect things, to respect with each other. When we respect things, we will find the true life in it. When we, you know, respect plants, we find– there we find the real life of, you know, life power of flower and real beauty of flower. So love is important, but more important element will be respect. And sincerity and big mind. With big mind and with pure sincerity and respect, the love could be real love.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi archives)

This passage comes from the same talk as a passage which is perhaps better known; I refer to it relatively often in any case. I knew that I had posted it on here, and look at that, six years ago already.

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