‘Naturally the wind blows and grasses sway, and seeing wind we use our sails, so how could there be anything ultimate [beyond this]? When we experience some new particular situation, naturally our affirming mind will not stagnate. This is not done by personal force, but is simply the expression of the way.
Furthermore, within Dharma joy, naturally there is vastness. At the top of a steep cliff, we can casually stroll. We truly know that the way is not false, and directly understand that realization is significant. At this time, using a monk’s staff we strike and scatter the explanations about the profound and wondrous, so that there is not the slightest trace of delusion. Holding up a bamboo staff, we strike and destroy explanations about nature and mind, so how could the old ruts remain? Raising a single stalk of grass, we make a sixteen-foot golden body, which radiates light and expounds the Dharma, so that from the beginning nothing is deficient. We use a sixteen-foot golden body to make a single stalk of grass, so the bud blossoming as a flower is not a matter of quick or slow. How can the great work of buddhas not be the play of samadhi?’ (Extensive Record, volume 8, 5)

How is it to feel that nothing is deficient (not even Manchester United’s midfield organisation)?

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