Two Weddings And An Ordination

I am writing this on the first evening after the clocks went back. I was, as always, glad that it was light early, and was out on my bike before the sun came up – it was the chilliest morning of the season so far, but clear blue skies and warming sun. Which of course went down too soon for my liking.

Weddings seem to come along like buses for me at the moment – after two in three days in August, I had two on consecutive days, Friday and Saturday. Both were by the water: the first was on Baker Beach, just as the highest tide of the month was bringing big waves crashing down over most of the beach; we had a dry spot to conduct the ceremony, which was lovely. The next afternoon I was the other side of the bridge at Crissy Field, by the cypresses (I am very fond of both locations), where the wind felt a little fresh; everything went very smoothly.

Before that, I was able to help my dharma sister Kim with a priest ordination that brought her into the Soto Shu, the Japanese establishment of our lineage. I went round on Monday evening to shave her head, leaving behind the shura for the ordaining priest to remove as part of the ceremony, and the next morning, I went to the Buddha Hall for the ordination itself. It is the first time I have been inside Zen Center in twenty months – and I didn’t get any further in. 

It has been nice to be out and about in my robes again, and remembering that part of my practice, even as I offer teachings in many less formal circumstances. 

In other news, after the release of the Suzuki Roshi archive, I am very proud to be co-leading a class at Zen Center with Abbot Ed, on four Saturday mornings in January. We will be listening to the newly rediscovered talks to the Los Altos group, and having a chance to discuss them. I hope you will be interested to join.

Shosan shaving Kim’s shura, assisted by Tim. The ceremony was also going out on Zoom, hence the earpiece.
A typically glorious sunset at this time of year, on Thursday.
The wedding party on Baker Beach heading off at the photographer’s request.
A beautiful early morning ride on Saturday – first to Ocean Beach.
Then to Twin Peaks.
The happy couple of Saturday, under the trees at Crissy Field
The skies on Saturday afternoon were still amazing.
Early morning sun and dew south of the city on Sunday.

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