Shohaku Okumura

‘In my zazen, I sometimes feel that I completely understand what Dogen Zenji is saying in Shobogenzo. I have no question; everything is so clear. But I have to let go of it in zazen. And after zazen, I forget what I understood.
It is not only the small negative or egocentric thoughts, but also our thoughts or our understanding about Buddha’s teaching which we should let go of as well. Then the true Dharma as reality will start to appear. It will not appear as an object of our mind, but our entire body/mind becomes a part of the movement of the entire reality.
So we gain nothing, really nothing. The person does not become enlightened. From the beginning this person is part of the reality of all things. But because of our thinking and judging, we separate ourselves from the rest of the world. By letting go, this separation is removed. That is how this wholehearted practice of the way allows all beings to exist on the basis of the true dharma.’ (Sitting under the Bodhi Tree)

While it feels somewhat lazy on my part every time I do it, I enjoy going back through the archive to see what is there. Some posts resonate more than others this time around. I think that is the nature of the teaching. I have thought many times, “Why didn’t I hear anyone talking about this at Zen Center?” but I probably did, and just wasn’t in a position to hear it fully and clearly. So, this one feels good right now.

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